Our Company

ABRAMTEK, Deep Bass I Rich Sound

Abramtek was originated from 1985 and officially established in 2004. It's an established brand known to its professionalism and expertise in design and manufacture technological audio product.

Mr. Leo, founder of the company, along with his exceptional talented team apply their extensive insight into developing astonishing Audio quality products. We offer design and manufacturing services while much emphasis on our in house brand “Abramtek”.

With great passion, Abramtek believes in creating and unlocking all possibilities on both the Audio and design of the product. As Audio is not just on Music, but audio of other kind such as extending into Movies and Games. Transforming pure, absolute clarity and uncompromised sound quality.

Our main products are high power wireless speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, home stereos, true wireless earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, portable Alexa devices etc. We differ ourselves from competitors with progress evolutionary technology and designed products. 

From large speakers to portable headphones, Abramtek is committed to developing the audio product's ultimate bass and best balanced low-mids-high, to bring more beautiful sound to enrich our human life.