High power wireless speakers for modern life


This is a speaker unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard before

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Astonishing Super BASS

With the integration of exclusive DPAC super bass system and driver configuration, this 100-watt high power speaker delivers deep low thundering bass in an ultra-compact size, match or Surpass the conventional subwoofer. This new invention brings your music to the next level.

Powerful 360° SOUND

Enhanced 360 degree optimized sound flow’s not only left to right but top to bottom. The omni-directional sound effect makes you feel like in a multiple speaker environment. It allows you to enjoy and immerse yourself within this powerful sound in every location of your room.  

LOUD that can be used Anywhere

This 100-watt wireless speaker surrounds your entire place in a full range stereo with amazingly space-filling loud sound with exceptional bass and clear highs & mids. Compact tower design for easy to move, perfect for home, backyard, deck, party and outdoor activities.

The sound this little thing produces is VERY rich (good low end) and very clear without being shrill. Yes, it sounds the exact same all the way around and yes, it can get VERY LOUD. Its very good looking, well built, and sounds great - what more could you want out of a BT speaker? I totally recommend this product!


These speakers are pretty great for the price. I liked the first one I got so much that I got a second to pair for a stereo setup. They are incredible for use outdoors if the weather is decent (not waterproof). They will fill an average sized backyard with great sounding music including deep rich bass.

Pete C

I bought two of these and they are absolutely awesome. Very good bass. These two speakers are shaking out my teeth. I love it. Buy these. I have em in a 21 x 21 great room and the sound is deep and solid. Set up was pretty easy too. The two sync so you have a left and right channel.


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